Broan Attic Ventilator - 355CSOBK Curb Mount Solar Powered

broan attic ventilator
POWER ATTIC VENTILATOR - Looking for an excellent attic ventilator that works great for eliminating moisture and preventing heat on rooms of your house. If so, then I have the best one I highly recommend for you. The Broan Attic Ventilator - 355CSOBK Curb Mount Solar Powered. Why this powered ventilator ? Because this Broan Attic Ventilator turns on at dawn, it goes to work immediately, first to eliminate the moisture that has built up from the cool overnight air, and second, to prevent heat build up before it has a chance to build up to the point of convection.This power attic ventilator is one of best power attic ventilators from Broan.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

Features of Broan Attic Ventilator - 355CSOBK Curb Mount Solar Powered
  • 20 -Watt solar panel circuitry captures sunlight even on overcast days and totally weatherproof panels designed for optimum efficiency constructed of tempered glass to resist hail and extreme weather conditions
  • 8-1/2-Inch high profile flush mount design for attics up to 1600 square feet and hurricane rated to 140 mph winds
  • Heavy gauge, stainless steel bird and rodent screen with 1/8-Inch openings provides maximum protection from insects and animals without impeding air flow
  • Specially designed one piece - 12-Inch aluminum 5 blade fan pitched for maximum air flow and operates quietly with no harmonic noise
  • Whisper-quiet - direct current - variable voltage - sealed ball bearing and hardened shaft motor with steel motor housing dynamically balanced for superior performance

Customer Reviews
  • See what customer saying about this Broan attic ventilator "GREAT ATTIC VENTILATOR!!!We should've done this years ago! Had to build a frame to put it in as it didn't fit our whirlygig mount size,but well worth the effort.A week ago it was 90 out and we were sweating in the house.Today it's 90 out and our house is a cool 74degrees!Well worth the money!"
  • See all customer reviews here.

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